About me

When I was born in 1972 my Parents were thrilled…our Dachshund Biene was not.

Her little world was shaken upside down when she realized that no one was coming to pick me up. I was here to stay.

Bie_GRF8039ne decided to adopt me and show my Parents how raising a “Puppy” really works.

Because of her, I am infected me with the “I-cant-live-without-a-Dog-Virus” and even after 40 years there is no healing in sight.

All my life I was interacting with dogs and thought I knew everything…until Dixe came into my life. When I started to search around SPCA websites, I was actually looking for a Jack-Russell-Boy to join me at the stables around the horses, which is my second passion. However, my search led me to a 1 year old West Highland Girl named Dixi.

We immediately fell in love. Unfortunately I soon found out that Dixe was very sick when she was a puppy which left her handicapped for life. I accepted the challenge and with her medical records in hand, researched all I was able to find about her illness. I also used practices which were not common, such as homeopathic treatments and physical therapy, to keep her active and make her life worth living.

I did well. Dixi is now a 9 year old “little witch” who loves to live and play and is in better condition then ever. Her progress never fails to amaze the vets.

Because of her I had the idea to start Canincare. Species appropriate natural food and care is the credo of my business and Dixi is the best example of how well this works out.



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